1. No Student will be allowed to attend classes without proper school uniform.
  2. All students are instructed to reach the school in time.
  3. Students are not allowed to stand outside or in front of school or roam about in the premises.
  4. Students are expected to behave in a serious, refined and responsible manner.
  5. In case of any inconvenience or inquiry, students are advised to consult their teachers in-charge.
  6. School premises, classrooms and the surrounding must be kept neat and clean.
  7. Students are strictly prohibited to write on walls and white boards.
  8. Students should not touch the electric installations and appliances.
  9. Students are not allowed to take leave without any specific reason or emergency.
  10. The leave application form must bear the signatures of both the parents and the teachers in-charge.
  11. Attendance of the students in the class test is compulsory. In case of absence in the test, the student shall have to appear in the supplementary test of the same subject.
  12. Supplementary test marks are not considered for Class-Position Scholarship but these marks are mentioned on the result sheets.
  13. Minimum 33% marks required to pass terminal examinations, and 40% to pass class test.
  14. Class position scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their performance in monthly tests. In addition to these Scholarships, students are also granted Encouragement Scholarships.
  15. Discipline in the school premises is mandatory.
  16. Instructions or any notice issued by the Principal or Vice Principal should be followed strictly.
  17. School staff, security guards and the office management staff renders commendable service and they deserve due regard from the students.
  18. Students and parents are not allowed to register any complaint against the management, the faculty to any official authority or agency regarding the matters related to the institution without written permission from the principal.
  19. A student will be expelled from the school without notice if parents or guardians misbehave with any employee of the school.
  20. Last date for fee deposit is 5th of every month.