Unique Schools and Academies

Pre-School (Play Group to Prep)

Our Preschool features focus on what’s critical to the child, family, teacher, curriculum, and classroom, so we ensure that students must experience:

  • Active & effective exploration of the environment
  • Self-directed hands-on learning practices
  • Balance between group and individuals activities
  • Regular and supportive interaction with teacher and peers
  • Balance between active movement and quiet activities

Primary & Middle Schools (Class 1 to Class VIII)

Our Primary School’s objectives focus on developing student’s by negating their background for their under- achievement. We believe in steady development through care and socially built interaction of students and teachers. Our Primary Schools deliver the following for quality education:

  • They provide affection, stability and a purposeful and structured experience
  • They build and often rebuild children’s self-belief;
  • They teach children the things they really need to know and show them how to learn for themselves and with others
  • They give them opportunities, responsibility and trust in an environment which is both stimulating and humanizing
  • They listen to their pupils, value their views and reflect and act on what they say
  • They build bridges with parents, families and communities, working in partnership with other professionals
  • They ensure their pupils progress as fast as possible and achieve as much as possible and
  • They put the child at the centre of everything they do

Comprehensive Schools (Class IX to Class X)

All previous learnt experience is consolidated by focusing on the required attitude as per prescribed national curriculum. Students’ teacher interaction is ensured in all school’s activities and they are developed on morals, and social skills. More focus is given to their studies, so they may perform well in Board exams (BISE) and secure good marks for their eligibility to the intermediate admissions.

Admission Process

  • Admission Test
  • IQ Test & Interview of Child
  • Parent’s Interview
  • Admission Confirmation & Fee Challan Generation
  • Uploading Admission on Unique School’s web-portal

Documents Required For Admission

  • Four Passport size photographs of the students with blue background
  • Copy of CINC of the Parent/Guardian
  • Form-B (issued by NADRA)
  • Previous school leaving certificate (if applicable)
  • Parents/Guardian undertaking attached in this prospectus

Discount Policy

If a student has any Sibling attachment, he must be offered a 25% discount on the Tuition Fee on all subsequent siblings. The siblings must be real brothers or sisters not cousins.

Teacher’s Son/Daughter

  • first son/daughter 100%
  • Second son/daughter 50% provided the teacher has completed one year service with the school or School recommends FREE EDUCATION at the time of appointment

Inter-City Transfer / Withdrawal

The inter & intra-city transfer is granted on special circumstances recommended by the both current school’s management and the school where admission is desired, and approved by Head Office Unique Schools.

Evaluation & Assessment System

Play Group, Nursery , Prep

A state of the art computer system for the Performance Analysis and Evaluation system make is possible for us to keep a close watch on the trends and learning abilities for our students . Following are the essence of the evaluation system.

Home Assessment has been Categorized in two parts:

1. Attendance 5%
2. P.T.M. 5%

Class 1 TO 10

  • A+ 95 % Exceptional
  • A 90 - 94% Excellent
  • B 80 - 89% Very Good
  • C 79 - 75 Fair
  • D 71-74% Satisfactory
  • E 70-64% Not Satisfactory
  • F 65% Disappointing

Promotion Criteria

Play Group, NurseryY, Prep

Continuous comprehensive evaluation spread over the whole academic year with minimum 85% attendance is the core of our promotion criteria.

Grade I TO X

Securing minimum 80% of the above criteria in each segment of it.

Note: Retest is not offered to absentees. Minimum 85% attendance is mandatory

General School Rules

  • It is mandatory for every student to carry his/her diary and identity card to school every day
  • Student should affix his/her color passport size photographs and write the required information duly signed by their parents in the space provided in the diary Student must reach the school 10 minutes before the bell rings at (7:50 am)
  • The morning bell before a class or assembly is a single for all students to go to the assembly or to their respective class-rooms. This should be done prompt and in silence. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently
  • Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions including Parents Teachers Meetings and Open Houses
  • All Boys must keep their hair short Girls must tie their hair ( if it is of shoulder length or longer) neatly with a black band
  • Care must be taken of all school property. No Student should damage any school furniture should not write or draw anything on the walls. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children carry their personal belongings themselves to the school
  • No lunch boxes books,notebooks and projects words, etc. will be taken up by the guard for being handed over to the students . No calls Related to the same will be entertained at the Reception
  • Applications are to be written and signed by the parents. The student’s name, class/sec and mobile no. of the parents should be mentioned in all the applications
  • There is nothing called short leave/half day leave (only in emergency case it will be)

Recommendations For Parents

Periodic circulars help parents to apprise them of the school programmes. School Calendar ensure into personal way-communication between parents and teachers. Students homework diaries should be checked regularly and initialled. Special attention should be paid to personal cleanliness of your child. Your child should be dressed presentably in the prescribed uniform. If you have a legitimate complaint,meet the administrator or Supervisor. Teachers should meet during the break time only or by prior appointment. Parents Teachers Meeting is organized for parents. Do insure to attend it on each month to collect your wards report. Encourage your child to be courteous and polite. Pay the school fees till 10th of every month. Change of address, telephone number etc. should be intimated to the school in writing immediately. Regularity and punctuality should be instilled in your child.

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