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The present era volatility and fast changing global BUSINESS / EDUCATIONAL environment requires responsive management and efficient staff for achieving greater recognition and market share for its products and services. To achieve the required targets, employees are key to success and the most costly resource for any organization and therefore, it is important to invest in supporting their training and development to maximize their potential and return on investment for the organization. The present business environment demands visional leadership and responsive employees and for which we help organization to expedite their learning and response process for performance excellence.


Unique Professional Development Institute (UPDI)

Unique Professional Development Institute (UPDI) is focused on meeting the Corporate Challenges and ever expanding educational needs of professionals. We aim at providing result oriented training to meet current and future needs of industry and people. UPDI offers a comprehensive selection of seminars and conferences for all your training needs, including management and supervision, Information Technology, leadership, communication, time and project management, customer services, human resources; writing skills, team building, interpersonal skills and content based training for school, colleges and university staff.


Onsite training

We suggest on-site training besides our venue or hotels which is cost effective and closer to the real situation.


Training Methodology

We prefer participative training that collaborates experience and individual’s talent to the mainstream learning. During the workshops or lectures the participants are encouraged to involve in the discussion, ask questions and make comments by relating the contents of the lectures to practical fieldwork.


Instructional Team

The training team is led by a program specialist under the supervision of our Project Leader.

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