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World Teacher's Day 2019

World Teacher’s Day 2019 was celebrated on Monday October 5, 2019.
The students decorated a wall and dedicated it to their teachers. They
also presented gifts to the teachers to show their respect and love for

Science Exhibition

To implement the concept of blended learning, Unique School System
engages its students in experimental learning. A Science Exhibition was arranged in its different branches. Students participated and presented
their science models and showed their understanding for classroom
learning. They had high passion and got appreciation from audience.

Science Activity

Blended Learning concept is getting popularity as a trend in pedagogy.
Unique School System believes in blended learning concept and engages
its students in various classroom activities for better understanding of
the concepts.

Art & Craft Day

Art & Craft is an extension of blended learning concept. Art and
Craft activities are a routine at Unique School System which improves
our students’ creative skills.

Classroom Activity

We believe in experimental learning in our pre-school classes. Students
are engaged in critical thinking process to understand the concepts.

Chairman on 6th September

Unique School System celebrates 6 th September in its branches.
Students were engaged in performances for 6 th September remembrance, Chairman USS speech is a tribute to our defense forces personal.

Cooking Competition

The extension of blended learning concept is applied in preparing various
recipes. Cooking Classes for kids make them prepared for parents’ help.

Relationship Officers Training

To facilitate our franchise schools a training session was arranged for
customer relationship officers. The training & development is a very
regular activity in USS. Its main aim is to develop our information offices
to handle parents.

Dengue Awareness Activity

To educate students on health issues, USS engage its students Dengue
Awareness activity is again a healthy activity to educate out student for
safety at home and school.

Direcotr Academics Message on Early Education

Director Academics speaks on the philosophy of our pre-school
curriculum. We are preparing our curriculum based on blended learning
concepts. We hired multiple consultants for academics and hope to
develop a competitive outlook for our school.

Eid Millan Party

Junior School’s kids are celebrating Eid Milan Party. This is very common
in Unique School to celebrate such event for social gathering and fun.

Father's Day

Students are encouraged to show their love for their fathers.

Save Water

The water shortage and its consequences on our country are becoming
grave. The students are taught to save water and they were engaged in
various art activities for understanding the importance of water.

Farewell Party

We believe in family culture and keep our passing out students a part of
our activities. A healthy culture for saying goodbye to the passing out
students is a much celebrated event in our schools.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents’ Day is an activity at our school to give tribute to elders. Grandparents tell different stories to the kids and share their life
experience. The passionate sights are worth of millions of dollars to
experience the love of grandparents for their offspring.

Teacher's Day

Teachers are the most respected class of our society. Students celebrated
this day and shared their affection with the teacher.

Health and Fitness

Physical fitness means healthy minds; Unique School ensures
daily exercise to its students and engages them in multiple activities.

Junior Yogga

Yoga for juniors is another healthy activity for keeping students active
and fit. A special teacher is engaged for yoga activities.

Students Performance - 14th August

The students are celebrating Independence Day. Normally the passion is
very high for the motherland.

Science Activity

Student’s experimental learning is a unique competitive tool and are
ensue their it through science exhibition.

Teachers Training on Paddagogy Skills

To make our teacher trained and developed. Unique School System
has developed it professional development centre for educating teachers.

Students Participation in TV Show

For exploration learning, the students were engaged in outdoor activities.
Students participated in TV shows with celibates and enhance their


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